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My old high school Biology teacher, Mr. Jablan would have loved this animated video. Please check it out – it’s pretty amazing.

The Inner Life of the Cell.

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2004 Space Odyssey

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Danzig – A Visual Aid

Here’s a collage of images that I hope will help the reader visualize some of the characters and events that I am describing in the screenplay I am trying to write, titled Danzig.

Danzig is the name of one of the main characters, Viktor Danzig, but it also happens to be the name of one of the cities where some of the action takes place. Located on the Baltic seacoast, in what used to be East Prussia, it is now a part of Poland and is called Gdansk.

Koenigsberg was also renamed to Kaliningrad after WWII and was annexed by Russia, even though it is situated between Poland and Lithuania.

Turku is in Finland, but in 1945 it served as a Soviet Submarine station. Soviet sailors were advised not to frequent the bars there or associate with the Finns living there, but we all know how that goes, and it sounds to me like it must have been kind of a Baltic Casablanca, a town full of intrigue. The Captain of the Soviet submarine that sunk the Wilhelm Gustloff himself got into a little trouble there on New Year’s night in 1945. The following excerpt is from Hitler’s Most Hated Man

On the New Year’s night of 1945, in Turku, Finland, which then served as a Soviet submarine station, Alexander [Marinesko] with friends went to a local restaurant where the Finns were celebrating the New Year. After a few shots the Soviet officers got into a brawl with the Finns, Hitler’s onetime allies. The charming Swedish lady, the restaurant’s owner, interfered right before things got out of hand and escorted the Russians into her office. Tall and handsome, Marinesko caught the woman’s fancy and so she invited him to stay for the night.

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Some Girls Don’t…

“Some girls don’t need any make-up.” 

Photo Credit: Julia Allison


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It’s all my sister’s class photos from Ramona School.

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My grandma was a nut!!


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