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Classic Beauty

I missed the red-carpet portion of the Academy Awards last night, but during the presentation of the Oscars one girl, Keri Russell struck me as very gorgeous. Now, I may not know fashion, but I know what I like, and for some reason I liked her. I searched for pics of her afterwards on Google, and found several at http://www.oscar.com/redcarpet/. I thought this one best captured what I thought I had beheld in her during the broadcast.

Words that come immediately to mind when I look at her are simple, elegant, symmetric, classic beauty, European, and statuesque. Aristotle would have categorized her as a “primary substance” for sure.

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How exciting is that!! A member of my family is a part of movie history, especially if it wins the Best Picture award. Of course, I’ll be rooting for Michael Clayton to win tonight. That is, if they didn’t leave his scene on the cutting-room floor.

I was in a movie once too. I “starred” as a cab driver (when I was a cab driver) in a Bollywood spy thriller. They had phoned the Yellow Cab Company I was working for, for a cab to use in the movie, and when I delivered it, they saw how I looked a little like DeNiro, and asked me if I wanted to play the actual cab driver… in the movie!!

Of course, I said “You talkin’ to me??!!!”

And this is how it went down: The director explained the scene to me, that I was to pull into the motel with the spy and his girlfriend, the star and co-star, in the back, and he wanted me to get out of the cab, walk around to the trunk, open it, and take out the luggage and then carry it into the lobby of the motel. At the time the motel was called The Camelot, and they had chosen it because it looked like a real castle, except it was kind of old and run-down. We did several takes, so they could shoot from different angles, and I remember there was a problem with my pulling away. They wanted to get a shot of the cab as it drove off, and right after that the bad guys were going to start shooting at them in the lobby, but the problem was that in that particular motel, the cabby (me) had to make a u-turn around the parking lot to get back out. So I don’t know how they eventually resolved the issue, but somehow they managed.

Sadly, I have never seen the movie, but the director/man with the camera told me that there would be an English version released, and that the title translated loosely to “Doesn’t Matter.”

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But the Amber Room may finally have been found. Check out this link.


I planned to use the uncertain whereabouts of the fabled room in my screenplay. One theory was that the contents of the room had been packed up and brought aboard the Wilhelm Gustloff before it sailed, and that it might have been looted after the ship was sunk. I was going to use that, but with a twist. Hmmm… Now what?

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I wish I could go

Actually, I just thought the Announcement was cute.

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I’m always looking for stories like “The Devil and Daniel Webster” and “A Man Without A Country,” and I just happened upon this one by Oliver Wendell Holmes over at the Online Books Page Project Gutenberg. The Web Presentation version is illustrated by Howard Pyle and the story is in verse  and not very long – only took 5 minutes to read – but I actually teared up at the end.

Oliver Wendell Holmes’ Grandmother’s Story of Bunker Hill Battle

Sadly, I think that our streets in America today are littered with wounded young men who only want for a nice girl to patch them up and love them.

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