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Danzig – Latest Version 

If you’re having trouble acclimating yourself to the screenplay format, it’s pretty simple to understand. Each heading with an EXT. or INT. is a location – EXT. means it is exterior, or outside and INT. means interior, or inside a building, or a room.

Within each location, each line or paragraph describes a separate camera-shot or angle, and tells you who or what is on-screen. The dialog appears under each character’s name. Note that “o.s.” means the character is off-screen, and you just hear their voice. “Voice-Over” means they are narrating over the scene.

If the series of scenes in the hospital with all of Erich’s voice-over , is confusing to you, just think of the movie Forrest Gump, where Forrest is sitting at the bus-stop telling his story over the action. Erich is telling the story of his life to Marisa in a similar fashion.

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It may also be growing.

Check out this Youtube video, it’s very compelling.

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