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Unemployment is on the rise, banks going bust, foreclosure signs are running off the shelves everywhere, and neighbors are running out in droves on bad loans, though mostly they slip away in the night without fanfare or forwarding address. That’s situation normal for my neighborhood, which has now become predominantly Hispanic with a sprinkling of white and Asian ethnicities, where my neighbors have been moving in and out so often over the years that even the street gangs can’t keep the homes tagged properly. Just the other day they finally got my trashcan, and I’ve been here 55 years.

But it’s not all bad, as nothing ever is. I remember asking my mom once what it was like during the Great Depression, and she surprised me when she said it wasn’t so bad, if you had a job. Nobody in her immediate family had a job, but they all knew somebody who did. And until the electric company caught on to Grandpa’s penny in the fusebox trick, they even had electricity.

So, the economic stimulus package and the bank bail-out notwithstanding, where’s the silver lining, where’s the penny in this scenario? Well, for one thing…

Stocks are being bought and sold at bargain basement prices. Fortunes are being made as we speak.

And furthermore,

Homes have gotten cheaper, and beach-front property is now nearly affordable.

Stores are having huge liquidation sales, though the recent sale at Circuit City was a little disappointing. Like one of my last employers, evidently they were able to move all the good stuff to the back of the store, before the robbery occurred.

What else? Well,

Classified Ads are much more varied and interesting. Take Craig’s List and Ebay, no slim picken’s there, just sellers, sellers, sellers.

Boys and girls are dating more.

The price of food is actually going down at some markets for the first time in my lifetime, maybe in a hundred years..

Gasoline is a fraction of the price it was a year ago.

Service at restaurants has gotten much better and friendlier.

And I’ve noticed, that the weather has been a lot nicer lately.

And this is just the beginning. Yep, I’m riding this baby all the way down.


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