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Please do check out the masterful work of Andy Thomas at his website; if you like Remington and Russell, then you’ll love him.  At the very least, you’ll be overwhelmed.

But before you do, here’s a game you can play with one of his paintings titled Pirate Party or The Band Played On.

According to his website:
There are 26 famous musicians depicted.
They span all music styles.
Some had tragic deaths.
The clues range from broad to specific lyrics of a song.
Clues are in no particular order.

These are the clues:

1. This great is having fun on the bayou.
2. He is looking swell.
3. Sheer left-handed perfection!
4. “Dialing for Dollars” was looking for this great.
5. He was a ‘shaded’ man.
6. Time gets all bottled up.
7. They were all strangers before tonight.
8. Imagine the fun at this party!
9. This person is at ‘Home’ at this party.
10. No body can style like her.
11. He’s a hungry fellow.
12. Good Mojo, mahn.
13. Everyone knows what is going on at this party.
14. You just can’t trust some days.
15. A man in evening attire fits in rather well here.
16. 17. They’ll be here till the sun rises.
17. No one here is lonesome tonight.
18. His music was all piano at any party.
19. She is missing her sweetheart tonight.
20. Polly wants a cracker.
21. She can belt out the blues.
22. Apparently, he is out of the slammer!
23. She walked to this party.
24. There is a Queen in the crowd.
25. Stopped by the party but this great is actually at the station..
26. This great wants to dance till dawn.


You can view a slightly larger version of Pirate Party here at Andy Thomas’ website, where, if you click around a bit, you can see a lot of his other stuff too.


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Presidential Poker

Presidential Poker

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Noun Singular
miracle (plural miracles)

A wonderful event occurring in the physical world attributed to supernatural powers.

Every morning when the weather is nice, I get up early, brew a cup of Newman’s Own “kick-ass” Royal green tea and go sit outside in the backyard. It’s always full of peace and quiet out there, and though I try to knock down the weeds and keep it mowed, it’s not exactly an English Garden. Often while I dig or mow, the birds sit waiting on the wires above, or in the surrounding trees to dive down on the freshly turned bugs, and when the grass gets a little tall several of the local cats will jump the back wall, and stalk after the birds. In the tree in the next yard, a family of finches moved in recently, and they like to chat it up and skip through the chain-link fence spokes.

One morning several weeks ago it was so warm and nice, and the sky so clear and blue, that I was moved to prayer; I don’t know that many prayers, but I recited the Lord’s Prayer, remembered the Ten Commandments as I usually do, and finally asked God for His blessing. Since then it has become a ritual for me, and each day the days seem to get ever more beautiful.

The other day, as I was starting to say my prayer, I noticed two ladybugs preening a piece of grass nearby, and a young jay-like bird, perhaps one of the offspring of my old friend, had perched on the wire out over the yard above and before me. When I finished, the bird flew off.

My visitors have been there pretty much every day since then, and each day I have seen a new bird, or a new bug, and one day one of the cats walked right past me to eavesdrop or perhaps just to forage in the bush outside the back gate. I didn’t think much about it, until finally after about a week of this, I turned on the news, and the FOXLA News chopper was flying out over the ocean just west of here, near Long Beach. They were tracking on camera a group of dolphins cavorting in the water, that they said had uncharacteristically for this time of year strayed very close to shore that morning.

And last night I had a dream, that God himself had knelt down to listen too.

Yesterday when I was sitting out there in my shorts getting some sun, a young homeless woman in grungy jeans and tennis shoes and wearing a bulky ski coat, came up the driveway, and when she saw me, she smiled and asked if she could rummage through my recycleable can for tin cans. I told her sure, and she smiled again, and I could see she had really nice teeth, and judged her to be in her twenties, and despite her shabby clothes she was pretty cute.

It rained today, but I’ll be out there early again tomorrow. You never know who might stop by.

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