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The Cocoanut Grove Fire

On November 28, 1942, 492 people lost their lives in a terrible fire at a night-club in Boston, MA. I only learned of this tragic incident while researching the story of Inga Arvad and John F. Kennedy.

So many tragedies and conspiracies have been tied to JFK, that I was honestly hoping that this would not be another, but sadly, it was…

One of the victims of the fire was Charles “Buck” Jones, a movie actor and cowboy hero, who starred in countless Westerns in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s and, barely a year before he died, had signed a new deal to make a series of “Rough Riders” films for Monogram Pictures, with two other well-known cowboys,  Ray Hatton and Colonel Tim McCoy – yep, the very same Tim McCoy, who would later marry Inga Arvad.

According to B-Westerns.com, there was “a standard, nostalgic ending in the Rough Riders films” — Ray Hatton would boast that he’s returning to Texas; McCoy would say that he was heading home to Wyoming; and Jones was ridin’ back to Arizona. Then they would all say, “So long, Rough Riders!”, and gallop off in three different directions as their theme song began to play:

The Rough Riders ride, beware
The Rough Riders ride, take care …

Tim and Inga did head out to Wyoming for a while, where they lived on his ranch that he called “the eagle’s nest.” And later they moved to Arizona, perhaps to be a little closer to Buck’s memory…

So long, rough riders…

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“Such loyalists not only have no documentary knowledge of the subject, but evince no understanding of Inga Arvad.” [Nigel Hamilton, JFK Reckless Youth, Notes pg 846.]

“You sent an email…evincing an interest in me. Here I am.”

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Which one was Photoshopped?




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531-st Shore Regiment


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Band of Brothers


Private Perconte, have you been blousing your trousers over your boots like a paratrooper?


No, sir.


Then explain the creases at the bottom.


No excuse, sir.


Volunteering for the Parachute Infantry is one thing, Perconte, but you’ve got a long way to prove that you belong here. Your weekend pass is revoked.



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 George, Eddie and Bill (1945)

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