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Another Inga Knuckle-ball

I found┬áthis entry from Joseph P. Kennedy’s FBI file at the WGBH American Experience website for a movie they produced called The Kennedys, but I don’t know what to make of it.

In October, 1942, [blacked out text] entered the United States from Mexico and failed to present her jewelry for Customs Examination. During her interrogation by a Customs Agent, subject stated that she knew former Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy and that he could testify that the jewelry was hers. Subject is an American born international adventuress who has admittedly cohabitated with prominent German officials after the fall of France and the jewels were claimed to be gifts from former admirers. (100-29023-56)

Though the name of the woman is clearly blacked out, it has to be Inga Arvad. I mean, how many other women went around calling themselves an adventuress and claiming to have slept with a number of leaders in Nazi Germany?

nB. (Nota bene): Subject is “an American born international adventuress”


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