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AR 615-368

DISCHARGE PROCEEDINGS. An individual who, for mental or physical reasons, cannot be adjusted to military service impairs the efficiency and morale of his organization. He may not only get into trouble himself but may corrupt others. If he has no potential value to the service he should be eliminated before his continued presence causes disciplinary problems.

Under the provisions of AR 615-368, 20 July 1944 and AR 615-369, 29 July 1944, an enlisted man may be administratively discharged from the service if he gives evidence of habits or traits of character which serve to render his retention in the service undesirable, or is disqualified for service, physically or in character, through his own misconduct or if he in inapt, does not possess the required degree of adaptability to military service, or is disqualified because of enuresis.

Such administrative discharge should not be used in place of punishment for a crime or offense. It should never be regarded as a substitute for appropriate disciplinary action where such action is called for. However, the elimination in proper cases of undesirables who have no potential military value may prevent the necessity of disciplinary action later.

The policy with respect to administrative discharge of homosexuals is set out in War Department Circular 3, 1944, and of marihuana addicts in Memo W 615-13-43, January 29 (Monthly Digest of War Department Directives, January, 1943, p. 13, AR 615-368, 20 July 1944).

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My 1978 Yearbook

My blog has been dormant for two years now, two very turbulent years. As I get older I find myself constantly feeling for the bounds that I know must exist, bounds that mercifully and unexplainably seem to keep expanding outward. I wrote once,

In darkness on a crumpled map

I seek to mark my way to love

Tap again, tap side to boundless side.

I wrote that thinking that I had missed my chance of finding love forever, that, to mix metaphors I had somehow let it slip through my fingers.

The other day I watched a movie The Young Philadelphians with Paul Newman and Barbara Rush about a young lawyer who, through hard work and effort reached for and won the brass ring, but lost the girl he loved to another man. Hardened and cynical, and wiser he moved on with his life, but fate only drove him round the block and he got his girl back. I enjoyed the story very much and was able to relate to it, but in my experience fate has never gone around like that, and my memory of the girl slowly had faded away. Until suddenly there she was, and I saw how beautiful she must have been when I knew her.

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